Mitchell R. Morrisey, District Attorney
Mitchell R. Morrissey
Denver District Attorney
Lesson Eight:
Special Victim Issues
Video Clip #1 - Introduction to Chapter Curriculum, “Special Issues of Crime” : Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Hate Crimes, Child Victimization, Immigrants.
Lesson 8-1

Video Clip #2 - A Victim Advocate Specialist discusses a multi-disciplinary approach to domestic violence. She touches on: Causes; Profiles of Batterers; Resources and support needed by victims of Domestic Violence.

Lesson 8-2
Video Clip #3 - A Victim Advocate working in the court system discusses Domestic Violence and the criminal justice system.
Lesson 8-3

Video Clip #4 - Former Prosecutor discusses Hate Crimes; victim issues; and how the faith community can help.

Lesson 8-4

Video Clip #5 - A child therapist reviews child victimization and illustrates the affects through the story of Amelia - a victim of severe child abuse.

Lesson 8-5
Video Clip #6 - Continue with the discussion of child victimization focusing on the changes that occur in the brain and in the psychological template as a result of childhood abuse.
Lesson 8-6

Video Clip #7 - A consumer fraud expert reviews Crimes against the Elderly – focusing on Identity Theft and Consumer Fraud.

Lesson 8-7
Video Clip #8 - Continued discussion of Crimes against the Elderly focusing on Investment Fraud.
Lesson 8-8