Mitchell R. Morrisey, District Attorney
Mitchell R. Morrissey
Denver District Attorney
Lesson Two:
Overview Of Victimization

Video Clip #1 - Introduction to Written Curriculum Chapter Two – “Introduction to Victimization”.

Lesson 2-1

Video Clip #2 - Daughter of murder victim shares her personnel experience with the loss of her mother and the criminal justice process.

Lesson 2-2

Video Clip #3 - Continued – Victim’s story.

Lesson 2-3

Video Clip #4 - Mother of murder victim shares her personal journey.

Lesson 2-4
Video Clip #5 - Interview with Rebecca Oakes – Daughter of murder victim.
Lesson 2-5
Video Clip #6 - Interview with Ann Jaramillo – Mother of murder victim.
Lesson 2-6