"Meaningful partnerships are essential to serve the myriad needs of victims of violence. Spiritual concerns are often paramount. This project trains faith community representatives to process the full range of issues necessary for excellence in victim care."
Mitch Morrissey
Denver District Attorney
District Attorney Mitchell R. Morrissey
Project Components
  Victim Care: Issues for Clergy and Faith-Based Counselors  

Victim Care: Issues for Clergy and Faith-Based Counselors is offered in three formats:

Classroom Instruction
The Victim Care Classroom Curriculum was developed by Denver Victim Services 2000, and the Denver Seminary. The curriculum addresses areas important within the criminal justice system, communities, and to individuals. The curriculum materials may be used as either a "Student Reader" or instructor reference material. Additionally the curriculum provides "classroom enhancements" which include case studies, theological reflections, exercises to illuminate course instruction, and recommended VHS/DVD presentations. The project has obtained copyright permission from more than 30 journals and magazine articles that address topics not covered in the curriculum.

Multi-media Presentation
Victim Care: Issues for Clergy and Faith-based Counselors, is offered as a Web-based course (link to Web-based description). This format facilitates scheduling and allows more opportunities for the course to meld into regularly scheduled course offerings. Schools may offer the course as an elective which makes a Web-based instruction format advantageous to both students and faculty.

The Web-based course consists of several components.
  • Presentations by subject matter experts discussing various aspects of victim care. These presentations are also available on DVD curriculum format. Contact srs@denverda.org if you wish to receive a copy of the DVD presentation. Presentations have been fully transcribed so students, specifically hearing-impaired students, may read the text.